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Welcome to the All New Ace of Base Artists page from Bary and Dave!
Feel free to look around and we Thank you for visiting!

                  Lobby Chat

The Ace of Base Lobby - is an all new chat board that we are trying to make very popular across the internet. Our goal is to make it one of the biggest Ace of Base chatboards there is. In this board please feel free to post your thoughts or opinions about our page or sit back and relax and meet other Ace of Base fans around the world. If you would like to enter this New Ace of Base Lobby please click on the coffie mug above. This board will be re-freshed every Friday if we have alot of visitors. Our goal is
100 visitors a week! I will post how many have visited. Thank you! See you inside!
                  Artist page

The Ace of Base Artists Page - is our all New Ace of Base page added to the internet for Ace of Base fans to show there talent in art and view others Art Work around the world. If you would like to add your drawings of Ace of Base to our Artists page please drop us an e-mail. Please be sure to leave us your first and last name and be sure to enclude you e-mail address and your url address to your picture or attach it to the mail. Thank you! All work will be posted!
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In this page you will expience many great features brought to you by Barry and Dave and the Ace of Base Artists Page! Enjoy!!!
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